Motoring Offences

Representation for motoring offences in Newcastle

Are you accused of committing a driving or motoring offence? Get in touch with Atticus Solicitors. 
We are experts in assisting you with road traffic laws and more.
motoring offences

Qualified representation

Whether you need help with taxi or SIA licensing appeals or are facing a driving ban, we are here to help. Our expert advice can help minimise the affect a motoring offence charge may have on your life. We will provide you with representation from the start to the finish of your case. Get in touch with Atticus Solicitors to deal with speeding tickets, traffic violations and more. Our solicitors also defend benefit fraud cases, 
Trading Standard cases, HMRC prosecutions and are 
also available for agency work.
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Dangerous driving

We specialise in:

•  Road traffic law 
•  Dangerous driving 
•  Accident law
•  Motoring legal aide
•  Drink and drug driving
•  Document and insurance offences 
•  Driving penalties
•  Magistrates and Crown Courts
Get in touch with Atticus Solicitors in Newcastle for motoring and 
criminal offence representation.
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